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*** Art Hotel Atelier sul Mare

Hotels - Sicilia - Cefalù (PA)

prenotazionePrenota Art Hotel Atelier sul Mare

The ART Hotel Atelier sul Mare, the only one Art-Museum-Hotel in the world, is on the northern coast of Sicily (Italy), just few meters from a fantastic blue sea. The hotel is situated in Castel di Tusa, an enchanting little village near Cefalù (20KM) and S.Stefano di Camastra (9KM).

Our hotel offers memorable experiences since its main feature is the presence of many important contemporary artworks of well known artists inside and outside the hotel. In fact 20 out of 40 rooms were realized by important internationally recognized artists: Danielle Mitterand , Agnese Purgatorio, Antonio Presti, Cristina Bertelli (La Stanza dei Portatori d’Acqua), Mario Ceroli (La Bocca della Verità), Fabrizio Plessi (La stanza del Mare Negato), Mauro Staccioli (Trinacria), Renato Curcio (Sogni tra Segni), Maria Lai (Su Barca di Carta m'Imbarco), Raoul Ruiz (La Torre di Sigismondo), Paolo Icaro (Il Nido), Luigi Mainolfi (La Stanza della Terra e del Fuoco), Michele Canzoneri (Linea d'Ombra), Hidetoshi Nagasawa (Mistero per la Luna), Sislej Xhafa (Il Bagno Turco), Vincenzo Consolo, Umberto Leone e Ute Pyka (Lunaria – La Stanza della Luna).

The Atelier sul Mare is mentioned by the world famous hotel publications, like HIP HOTEL, and top hotel guides, and gets so much media coverage (ex. CNN ). It has style and much to offer to the VIP as well as the curious and smart tourist and travelers.

But most of all, Atelier sul Mare offers the unforgettable experience of sleeping inside art. The art rooms provide to the guest a unique and powerful experience. They are appropriate for an 'inner journey' of meditation. The art is not designed to be displayed to the viewer; it is meant to surround the guest: 'Only after entering and living in a room, the artwork will be complete. The guest's presence and use of the room is an integral part of the artistic creation. Our customers are even encouraged to change a different art-room each night to get the fullest experience.

Atelier sul Mare offers 100 beds, and apart from art rooms, which are true art suite, our standard rooms are wide, comfortable, with flowery balconies facing the sea. It is possible to attend pottery making courses inside the hotel, as well as courses on Italian language, Italian cuisine, on Sicilian wines, horse riding, and going out fishing with local fishermen. Also classical music concerts and art exhibitions are very usual in our hotel. Besides, many ancient art and interesting ruins can be reached in few minutes by car or train.
The Turkish Bath and Sauna are the maximum of the relax that Atelier sul Mare offers to his guests.

Few kilometres from the hotel you can visit the park of Fiumara d’Arte, the biggest Regional museum of contemporary sculptures in Europe. The park, made realized from Antonio Presti, consists of an unusual attempt at exhibiting contemporary sculpture in a kind of open-air museum, that takes advantage of the natural landscape to arrive at a symbiosis of art and nature and provides interested visitors an opportunity of exploring secluded and off-the-beaten-track spots. The monumental sculptures have been realized by international artists: Pietro Consagra, Piero Dorazio, Tano Festa, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Paolo Schiavocampo, Antonio Di Palma and many others. A very pleasant art walk amidst the Sicilian wild and picturesque nature.

Near Points of interest:

Artworks park of "Fiumara d'Arte" - 2 km
S.Stefano di Camastra - 9 km
Cefalù - 20 km

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prenotazionePrenota Art Hotel Atelier sul Mare

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Art Hotel Atelier sul Mare - Cefalù

Pacchetti ed OfferteArt Hotel Atelier sul Mare

Via C. Battisti 4 - Castel di Tusa
90015 - Cefalù ( PA)


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