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Hotels - Calabria - Maierà (cs)

prenotazionePrenota SunSeaClub*** HOTEL BELLAVISTA

Hotel of newest construction, only body centers them 2 plans, situated in a charming position, where an only Panorama can be admired the Coast of the Cedars and the Gulf of Policastro.Nonchè the two countries Grisolia and Maierà uniforms solo from a valley stupenda.Hotel is situated to 360mt. of height and solo 5Km from the sea, convention possibility the private native place with lido (3 Cirella).A Km we find l'Anfiteatro of the ruderi of Cirella, that it accommodates in the summery season the most famous artists Italiani and Stranieri.Maierà is found in the National Park of the Pollino and accommodates the Museum of the Only Chili pepper to the World of its species 1Km. from ns. struttura.I the our customers during their stay will only be able to taste best the prescriptions than Typical Plates Calabrians, nonchè the specialties to the International Cedro.Colazione to Buffet.Nei Pressi del'Hotel 10mt. are been born one azieda of Production of Typical Products "CASAMAIERA'" Sott'oli calabrians and liqueurs, to our interested hosts who we will give l'opportunità to visit it during the lavorazione/trasformazione of the prodotti.(ricette ancient of conservation). Maierà, dall'ebraico M'arà (that it means cove), together with others 25 common ones of wrap tirrenica, comprised between Praia to Sea and Paola, ago part of the celebrated Coast of the Cedars and must the origins to that historical phenomenon of aim XI sec., famous like incastellamento normanno, iure Francorum. The territory is mostly montuoso, its Historical Center has un'altitudine of 326m. All the zone enjoys particularly favorable climatic conditions for moderating l'azione of the sea, and naturally turns out also defended from the twenty colds in prevalence of the massive higher insides. The Hotel Panorama is situated on the hill of Maierà, in particular position from which it is possible to admire a surrealistic panorama, that it sees the full of rocks walls on which is defended the country, to dissolve itself gradually until becoming plain, and then beach, and then still sea...
Minimal Complete Pension 30,00 Max 65,00

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prenotazionePrenota SunSeaClub*** HOTEL BELLAVISTA

Offerte in corso:


Dal 18 Giugno al 30 Luglio
Euro 30,00 in H/B (Mezza Pensione)
Euro 35,00 in F/B (Pensione Completa)
a persona al giorno.
Bambini 0/3 anni gratuito 3/8 50% di sconto

Dal 27 Agosto al 29 Settembre
Euro 28,00 in H/B (Mezza Pensione)
Euro 32,00 in F/B (Pensione Completa)
a persona al giorno.
Bambini 0/3 anni gratuito 3/8 50% di sconto

SunSeaClub*** HOTEL BELLAVISTA - Maierà

Pacchetti ed OfferteSunSeaClub*** HOTEL BELLAVISTA

C/da Arieste
87020 - Maierà ( cs)


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      Standard II
  40,00 €
  40,00 €
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  70,00 €
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* Le strutture turistiche non devono pagarci commissioni, quindi possono offrire prezzi migliori.

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