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*** Grand Hotel Certosa

Hotels - Campania - Padula (sa)

prenotazionePrenota Grand Hotel Certosa

The Grand Hotel Certosa rises in the territory belonged to the Certosini Monks, city of Padula, situated in front of the imposing and majestic “Certosa di San Lorenzo" founded in 1306 by Thomas Sanseverino, known in the whole Europe for its architectural magnificence that differentiates it from the others by the grandeur of the spaces, by the number of the environments and by thousand other details, that makes it an unique monument, recognized from Unesco as World heritage site.
Recently restructured, with all comforts, the Grand Hotel Certosa offers the best to its clients from the typical, regional, national dishes, to the 28 rooms and 2 suites furnished in a sober and elegant way, endowed with: bathroom, air conditioning, colour tv, internet, minibar, direct telephone, car parking. Besides that, also the pool, the reading and Tv room, the breakfasts room from the main floor, an elegant conference room, a restaurant and a fantastic view, gives to the Grand Hotel Certosa the possibility to welcome the guests in the best of the ways.
On request can be organized itineraries with the presence of a multilingual guide that will accompany you among the natural, historical and architectural beauties of the Vallo di Diano as: Le Grotte dell’ Angelo di Pertosa, an extraordinary speleological complex, an enchantment among stalactites and stalagmites crossed by an underground watercourse; the National Park of the Cilento e Vallo di Diano an immense patrimony of cultural goods, from the prehistoric, Italic and Greek archaeological sites, to the magnificent Mediaeval, Renaissance, Baroque testimonies, the forests, the resources, the rare kinds. An unique value and an endless interest it has been attributed to it the same as to the archaeological sites of Paestum and Velia.
The Macchiaroli Castle of the Principles Sanseverino from Teggiano, rise in Norman epoch, but it was restored and finished by the King of Naples, Ladislao of Durazzo. The plants it faithfully traces the Castel Nuovo in Naples and it is certainly one of the most important of Southern Italy; to Padula the native House-Museum of Joe. Petrosino, the police officer who became symbol of the struggle to the mafia italian-american; the Paleocristian Baptistery of St. Giovanni in Fonte, in the heart of the Vallo di Diano, it is one of the most ancient miraculous baptisteries, having been built during the IV century. The baptismal tub was receiving the water in a natural way due to the fact that it was realized on a watercourse. Such prodigy, unique in the world of the Christianity, it recalled many faithful believers to assist to the miracle of the waters.
All the other historical and artistic beauties offered by the 14 countries from the National Park of Cilento e Vallo di Diano are easily reachable from the Grand Hotel Certosa.

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prenotazionePrenota Grand Hotel Certosa

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Grand Hotel Certosa - Padula

Pacchetti ed OfferteGrand Hotel Certosa

Viale Certosa 41
84034 - Padula ( sa)


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