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**** For Appio Mansio Hotel

Hotels - Lazio - Sezze (LT)

prenotazionePrenota For Appio Mansio Hotel

Overcome the gate, as of enchantment an atmosphere of calm replaces him with the usual noises of the " Regina Viarium", the attention quickly passes some buildings that are alternated to great you broaden, from the river that it flows slow, to the disconnected floor of the old road. With slow and aware footstep you reach shortly the plaza of Foro Appio behind the main abode surmounted from the church " Casarillo of Saint Maria."

Here every place has preserved their own original destination, the ancient inn settled by Orazio, You Church, places her, You great room of the parties and the important rooms furnished with rustic furniture, placed side by side by unique pieces of antiquaries. The fireplaces in some of the rooms add to the atmosphere of other times the ancient charm of the fuoco .

Unfavourable stories that have for centuries limited the importance of this place decisive times are revealed for having brought to the ancient shines, only in its kind and entire in the architectural structure, an ancient and prestigious station of mail revisited to his/her time by the Valadier, to guarantee a service of dignified night's passing along the street Appia to the wayfarers and the heads crowned of Europe you use to the Grand Tour

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prenotazionePrenota For Appio Mansio Hotel

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For Appio Mansio Hotel - Sezze

Pacchetti ed OfferteFor Appio Mansio Hotel

Via Appia, 5
04010 - Sezze ( LT)


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  85,00 €
      Junior Suite
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  145,00 €
      Suite Superior
  180,00 €
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