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Mamì Camilla

Bed and Breakfast - Campania - Sorrento (NA)

prenotazionePrenota Mamì Camilla

There are many ways to see the South of Italy. We'll take you with us, as part of our family, to see this special world through the lens of its food, its artisans, and its culinary traditions. Sorrento is a town that has always known how to turn every stay into an unforgettable holiday. We want you to realize the importance of good nutrition found in the fresh own tomatoes grown in the surrounding garden and home made products such as the fresh pasta. Respecting the nature you’ll discover the truth behind reputation in Italy for good food and wine in their healthy eating habits.

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prenotazionePrenota Mamì Camilla

Offerte in corso:

Mamì Camilla - Sorrento

Pacchetti ed OfferteMamì Camilla

Via Cocumella n#04
80067 - Sorrento ( NA)


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  70,00 €
  105,00 €
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