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Informazioni : Luogo - Campania - Palinuro (SA)

prenotazionePrenota Palinuro

Palinuro, located on an imposing bastion of rock stretched out on the sea, it is a gem set in the magnificent coastal landscape of Cilento. The beauty of Palinuro appear in every angle, in every cave, in every bluff, in the reflexes of the sea, on the rock, in the thousand graven forms in the time from the sea and from the natural agents: the Blue Cave and the Cave of the Convent are the superb demonstration of the generosity that mother nature has revealed giving us a landscape been nearly unchanged and primitive. The territory of Palinuro is revealed a rich layer of finds fossils of animals from to at least 100.000 years back, among which bucks, lions and bears. Testimonies of the presence of the man are been recovered in also the phase of the Neolitico. The myth - has been handed down by Virgilio in the Eneide there - wants that Palinuro, helmsman of Enea, was to the rudder when, to the sunset, the god Sleep came down from the Olimpo assuming the semblances of Forbante. Since the sea was calm, the god tried to persuade to rest him in how much the ship would also have maintained the rout without guide. Palinuro responded in bad way, considering foolish the proposal of Forbante. Then the god grazed the temples of Palinuro with a wet branch in the waters of the Lete, Palinuro fell in a deep sleep and the god, lifting him, it threw him in sea. For three nights he was dragged by the waves, seized to the rudder that had torn from the ship when he was falling in sea. To the dawn of the fourth day a gigantic wave dashed it on the coast, near the Greek city of Elea (Velia for the Latin). But not as soon as it touched earth, hostile people killed him. Not to lose the summer demonstration of the "Night of the Myth", that proposes the legend of Palinuro.

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prenotazionePrenota Palinuro

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