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Sorrento is situated at about 13 miles from Napoli, on the southern side of the Gulf of Naples, between the parallels 40°37’66 and 40°37’79 and the meridians 14°22’07 and 14°22’76 Ikt.
It rises on a tufa ridge just on the sea and extends on a surface of about 9,9 square kilometres. With its17,500 inhabitants it is the most densely populated of the six communes of Sorrento Pensinsula. It is characterised by a mild and temperate climate for most part of the year, but the best period for those who love hot weather and sea life is from May to September.

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Vico Equense

Vico Equense - Sorrento Italia


Meta di Sorrento

Meta di Sorrento - Sorrento Italia


Piano di Sorrento

Piano di Sorrento - Sorrento Italia



Sant'Agnello - Sorrento Italia



Sorrento - Sorrento Italia



Massa Lubrense - Sorrento Italia




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